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We at The Crew Production, specialized to arrange and execute production for Films, TV Serials & Shows, TV Advertisement & Commercials (TVC), Documentaries with R&D, Short Films, Web Series, Digital Content, Reality Shows, Music Videos and Events in Rajasthan and also advice their clients on how to plan Shoots, Events, Meetings, Shows, Conferences and Traditional and Royal destination wedding, in addition to helping them with the transportation, hospitality, catering and accommodation departments.

Covering each and every area of Rajasthan, The Crew Production Team arrange for shooting and events and also give support to the film producers & production houses to get permissions from various government and private authorities. We are specialized in arrangement of shooting various ad Films, short film, Photo Shoots, promos, serials, songs, commercials, etc. the Co. fully help the producers with the infrastructural facilities and also accommodation including luxurious, heritage hotel or a budget kind of stay and that too equally balancing the budget part.

With the rapid growth of entertainment sector, shooting for any project requires a large amount of effort, systematic planning and an exact location to match the purpose of the shoot and the Co. effectively combines all these factors by bringing together all established professionals from various fields like choreography, stunt-men, makeup artists, dress men, etc. in addition to arranging for animals like elephants, horses and camels if needed. Chopper and charter planes can also be provided for aerial shoots. If required, we can also acquaint our client with junior artists, models, dancers, crowd and folk dance troops so that the flow of shooting does not get affected by the absenteeism of these factors.

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Also, the location of the shoot matters a lot for the success of the shoot. Attractive locations always leave its footprints in the minds of the viewers and the Crew team fully understands this point and thus help you in fixing a good location which could suit the purpose of your project. We first mail the photographs of required location as per the demand to their client to choose from. We can also take you on a Recce for the location scouting and once the client has chosen the location they arrange for the permissions and legal formalities included thereafter. We have worked with Most Highly Reputed Production Houses and Line Producers.

Services We Offer

  • Films
  • TV Serial & Shows, Reality Shows
  • Still Photo Shoots
  • TV Advertisement & Commercials (TVC)
  • Documentaries with Research & Development (R&D)
  • Short Films
  • Web Series & Digital Content
  • Music Videos
  • Recce & Location Scouting
  • Budgeting, Pre Production
  • Transportation & Ticketing
  • Artist Management & Arrangement
  • Props & Property
  • Licensing & Permission
  • Accommodation & Catering
  • Jr. Artist / Crowd / Animal
  • Event Designing, Management & Production Setup
  • Events - Live Concerts, Special Nights / Corporate Events, Conferences, Sport Events, Auditions
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